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New Resource Food-Plant sterol Ester

2021-02-08 14:48:32 670

Plant sterols have the effect of lowering plasma total cholesterol and low density lipoprotein cholesterol. Because of the water soluble and oil soluble phytosterols are not ideal, and after esterification can obviously increase the solubility in the edible oils and fats, sterol ester can be converted into sterol and fatty acids in the human body, plant sterane alcohol ester hydrolysis rate of 90%, in the intestinal tract so its physiological function of phytosterol and fatty acids. The phytosterols mainly include β-sitosterols, phytosterols and phytosterols. At present, phytosterols are mainly used in daubing food and salad dressings. Plant sterol ester products have been approved by FDA as "generally considered safe (GRAS)" and become a development direction of functional foods.