Company Profile

Headquartered in Xi'an high tech Development Zone,Vita-Solar is an innovative biotechnology company driven by technology research and development. The company focuses on the R & D, production and sales of functional health products of oils and fats. Its main products are phytosterols, phytosterol esters, unsaponifiable substances of avocado and soybean, natural vitamin E, phosphatidylserine and other lipid health products.

The core management team of Vita-Solar has more than 20 years of industry experience and is committed to the market segmentation of functional health products of oils and fats. It is the pioneer and market promoter of phytosterols, phytosterol esters, natural vitamin E and other products in China. It is also an important promoter and participant in the establishment of industry standards from the source of raw materials, technology research and development, production and manufacturing.

In the field of functional health products of oils and fats, Vita-Solar constantly adheres to the innovation in product, process, application and business mode, so as to better meet the new requirements of customers in purity, stability, application formula, etc. it takes customers as the center, constantly strengthens technical innovation, and uses advanced production facilities and complete quality assurance management system to ensure the quality of products Produce high quality products and provide high quality service.

"Green technology, natural health" is our driving force. We are not only concerned about the development of the team and enterprise, but also about the occupational health and safety of employees. With years of industry resources and technological innovation system accumulation, we are more willing to work hand in hand with the industry and upstream and downstream partners to share resources, so as to realize the sustainable win-win development of "green, natural and healthy" and serve our own interests The community, industry and health industry that they belong to contribute more value and provide more and better services.

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Vita-Solar Culture

  • Vision

    Focus on the development of green science and the enjoyable of a healthy and beautiful life

  • Mission

    Explore functional oil-fat health products that undiscovered health benefits and unmet nutritional needs.

  • Sense of worth

    Integrity, focus, innovation, beyond