Brief introduction

Vitamin E is the general name of tocopherols. It is a fat-soluble vitamin with excellent antioxidant effect and is one of the most powerful free radical inhibitors in nature. Natural vitamin E is extracted from soybean oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and other natural vegetable oil which is rich in vitamin E,its main compositions are alpha -tocopherol, beta -tocopherol, gamma -tocopherol, delta - tocopherol. Among them, alpha-tocopherol has the highest activity and the most representative. Natural vitamin E main products are: mixed tocopherols, D-alpha tocopherol, D-alpha tocopheryl acetate, D-alpha tocopheryl acid succinate.

Product catalog

Vita-Solar uses the advanced production facilities, according to different sources of plant material, adopt different process routes, ensure that the characteristics of vitamin E products from different sources are retained extremely, at the same time enhance the product quality stability. Various natural vitamin E products are widely used in pharmaceutical, dietary supplements, food and beverage, animal feed industry and so on.

Product Source Specification Apperance Applications
Mixed tocopherols Soybean, Sunflower 50%、70%、90% Brownish red oil Nutritional supplements, antioxidants
d-a tocopherol Soybean, Sunflower 1000IU-1490IU Brownish red oil Nutritional supplements (softgels)
d-a tocopheryl acetate
(Food grade)
Soybean 700IU White powder Nutritional supplements,beverages
d-a tocopheryl acetate Microparticles(TAB) Soybean 950IU White powder Nutritional supplements (hard capsules)
d-a tocopheryl acetate oil Soybean 1000IU-1360IU Light yellow oil Nutritional supplements,cosmetics
d-a tocopheryl succinate Soybean 1185IU/1210IU White crystalline powder Nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical raw materials
Natural vitamin E Powder (CWS) Soybean 25%、30% Light yellow powder Nutritional supplements, animal nutritions
d-alpha-tocopheryl polyethylene glycol succinate(TPGS) Soybean 25% Paste Nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical excipients,cosmetics
d-δtocopherol 80% Brownish red oil Nutritional supplements, antioxidants
Tocotrienols Palm、Rice Palm50%-92%,Rice50%-90% Brownish red oil Nutritional supplements, antioxidants