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Plant Sterol Ester is widely found in various oil-containing plants, such as soybean oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, sunflower seed oil and Tall oil (pine tree). It can be purified and concentrated by biotechnology or prepared by esterification reaction between phytosterols and various fatty acids. Sterol ester with different physical and chemical properties could be obtained by esterification reaction of sterols from different sources and fatty acids. The conventional sterol esters include β-sitosterol ester, stigmasterol ester and rapeseed sterol ester. Good solubility & absorption, which can make Plant Sterol Ester converted into a sterol and fatty acids in the body. Its physiological functions including sterol and fatty acid has solved the low sterol absorption rate and increased by nearly 10 times. (figure 1), Competing with cholesterol in the body has reduced total cholesterol and low density lipoprotein in the blood content (figure 2).

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Product catalog

Through own patent technology and years of industry resources accumulation, Vita-Solar can provide a variety of specifications of plant sterol ester, plant sterol derivatives as well as functional compound formula, which greatly solved the problem of low absorption rate of plant sterol and narrow application range, made the effect of phytosterol was more widely applied and the absorption effect was better. In March 2010, the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China announced (No. 3 of 2010) that phytosterol esters were approved to be added to food as a New Resource Food.

Product Specification Apperance Applications
Plant sterol ester
(Pine trees source)
97% Paste Functional foods,dairy
Plant sterol ester
(Soybean source)
97% Paste Functional foods
Plant sterol ester
(cosmetic grade)
97%~99% Paste Cosmetics
Plant sterol ester
(Feed grade)
10%、25%、50%、67% Powder Animal nutrition,aquatic product,livestock feed
Plant sterol ester( CWS) 50%、67% CWS Functional foods,dairy,beverage

Vita-Solar has obtained Plant sterol/ester

Patent NamePatent Number

A preparation method of plant sterol and sterol esterZL201610488225.5

A method for extracting steranol from vegetable oil deodorizing distillateZL201610495303.4

A production system of a mixed phytosterol feed additiveZL201920985348.9