Brief introduction

Phytosterols, also known as sterol, is a cyclopentane polyhydrophenanthrene derivatives substances, an important natural active ingredient, the natural regulator of cholesterol and hormone intelligent management experts in human body. It is known as the "key to life" by scientists. At present, more than 250 sterols and related compounds have been found, which can be divided into three types: phytosterols, animal sterols, and mycelial sterols. Phytosterols are widely found in the roots, stems, leaves, fruits and seeds of plants, among which oil-containing plants are the main natural sources of phytosterols. Phytosterols are obtained by physical purification and can be widely used in many fields,such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics, animal nutrition and pesticide.

Product catalog

Vita-Solar, as an important sterols products supplier in China, who has focused on sterols products’ raw material source,research and development, production and promotion the use of it for more than 20 years. As one of the earliest market promoters and main suppliers ,who has used phytosterol to produce steroid hormone intermediates , realized the commercial application and production of monomer stigmasterol and monomer β-sitosterol earlier in China. It is the main supplier of sterol products to many famous companies. After years of own proprietary technology accumulation, we can provide sterol products from various sources, a variety of specifications, types of dosage forms and fields applications to meet the specific needs of different customers.

Product Source Specification Apperance Applications
(Food grade)
Soybean、Pine trees、Corn、Rapeseed 90%、95%、99% White powder Functional foods
(Cosmetic grade)
Soybean、Pine trees 95%、99% White powder Cosmetics
(Feed grade)
Soybean、Pine trees、Corn、Rapeseed 10%、40%、50%、90%、95% White to off-white
Animal nutrition,aquatic
product,livestock feed
Phytosterol Granule Soybean、Pine trees、Corn、Rapeseed 90%、95% White powder Functional foods (tablets、hard capsules)
Phytosterol WDS Soybean、Pine trees、Corn、Rapeseed 90%、95% White powder Functional foods,dairy,beverages
Phytosterol CWS Soybean、Pine trees、Corn、Rapeseed 90%、95%、99% 200-2000mesh powder Functional foods
Stigmasterol Soybean 80%、90%、95% White powder Plant Growth Regulators,pharmaceutical synthesis
β-sitosterol Soybean 60%、70%、80%、90% White powder Functional foods, cosmetics, pharmaceutical synthesis
Other sources
Pygeum africanum 2.5%-13.5% Brown powder Functional foods
Urtica Cannabinaa L 0.8%-7% light-brown powder Functional foods
Stigma maydis 5% Brown powder Functional foods

Vita-Solar has obtained Plant sterol/ester

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